• Representation and advocacy for its member in the legislative, executive and judicial arenas
• Executive and technical leadership in health policy, health administration and health delivery
• Partnerships and linkages with different stakeholders in the different sectors which include health care, financial, insurance etc.
• RUPHA will build economies of scale and negotiating blocs to uplift the welfare for our members, this will include negotiations with the insurance companies and other partners
• A representative to negotiate better terms with NHIF and other insurance companies
• Benefit from our developed and continuously update criteria that define our healthcare deficit populations and areas for the purpose of our members.
• Receive advice on and opportunities for innovations in payment systems for healthcare.
• Have access to executive and technical leadership in health policy, health administration and health delivery.
• To establish branches and other administrative offices countrywide for the purposes of delivering on its mission
• Member education through different trainings with our partners to help members make informed choices in management of facilities
• Opportunity to partner with RUPHA in advocating for access to quality health care
• Recommendation for membership with different medical bodies and other partners
• Getting recommendation letters from RUPHA while seeking assistance in the different areas
• Access to RUPHA management when in need of assistance and representation when dealing with different issues
• Receive regular updates on local and international policies in the medical world including newsletters
• Networking opportunities with members of RUPHA and other shareholders which include hospital supplies companies, insurance companies
• Receiving technical support from RUPHA when setting up a facility.

RUPHA 4th Annual Convention“How digitization is powering sustainability and growth in healthcare”.


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